MApS - Mapping Application System©

Network Based System
v1.0.3.4 Active
v2.0  - Active

Cloud Based
v2.0c - Beta Testing


MApS 2.0 and 2.0c


The MApS System was designed by Eleven Solutions in cooperation with Empire Airlines to provide a clean and efficient platform to map and organize repairs and repair data as required by the new FAA and EASA aging aircraft requirements.

The purpose of the MApS System is not only to improve organizational efficiency but also to prepare aircraft owners and operators for the impending surveys and evaluation of repairs as required by 14 CFR Part 26 regulations.

As an added bonus, the MApS System also provides a simple and completely customizable electronic dent mapping system.


The FAA aging aircraft requirements are 14 CFR 121.1109 (see also AC 120-93). These regulations address the “adverse effects of repairs, alterations, and modifications to fatigue critical structure (FCS)” and are a product of the Aging Aircraft Task Force (AATF) which was formed after the Aloha flight 243 incident ( The main focus of this task force was to develop an aging aircraft program which aims at keeping aging aircraft safe.

One of the most time consuming requirements of these new regulations is the requirement to perform a survey of all repairs affecting FCS. The survey is required once an aircraft has reached 75 percent of its design service goal (DSG) and requires the operator to:

* conduct surveys that enable identification and documentation on repairs affecting FCS

* obtain and implement damage tolerance inspections (DTI) for the repairs found during survey

As mentioned earlier the MApS© System would provide a clean and efficient platform to map and organize repairs and repair data, giving you the ability to easily locate a repair and match it up with its supporting data. We have estimated that using this software to prepare for and accomplish these surveys would significantly reduce the cost and down time required to accomplish them.

The electronic dent mapping feature was just an added bonus that resulted from using the same platform to easily accomplish the dent mapping. Dent mapping is basically done out of convenience by the operators to avoid having to measure and evaluate the same in-limits dents every time the aircraft is painted or an inspection of the fuselage is accomplished.

Recent Feedback:

We have recently been told that some of the larger, all inclusive maintenance program software packages may have a function that may have something similar but they are usually very expensive and Empire did not need a whole new base program. Clients will also appreciate how completely customizable this program is, giving them the ability to make all the fields, images, and layouts just the way they want them.

If you would like more information about this system, please feel free to contact us!

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